By Scott Barancik, Editor
When Ryan Braun launched two home runs Friday (5/15/2015), it left him a dozen short of 250.
Only 15 active players, and just 210 of the more than 17,000 who have worn a Major League jersey throughout baseball history, have hit 250 or more HRs.

Still not impressed? From 2007 through the present, a total of 1,391 players made their MLB debut and appeared at least once at the plate. The group includes sluggers like Josh Hamilton, Evan Longoria, Hunter Pence and Giancarlo Stanton. Who among them has the most HRs over that period? Ryan Braun, with 238.

If you expand that list to include all players between 2007 and 2015, including those who debuted earlier, Braun’s home-run count during that period ranks 8th. (Top-ranked Miguel Cabrera has hit 296 dingers from 2007 through the present.)

Braun’s been on a bit of a home-run binge lately. Friday’s pair marked his second two-HR game in 16 days. He has 22 multi-homer games so far in his career.

Braun ranks 3rd in career HRs among Jewish ballplayers, behind Hank Greenberg (331) and Shawn Green (328).

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