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Jewish draft picks (2015)

1. Alex Bregman, Astros (1st rd, #2 overall)
2. Rhett Wiseman, Nats (3rd rd, #103)
3. Justin Cohen, Marlins (6th rd, #176)
4. Garrett Stubbs, Astros (8th rd, #229)
5. Jake Drossner, Brewers (10th rd, #301)
6. Dalton Blumenfeld, Angels (12th rd, #375)
7. Scott Effross, Cubs (15th rd, #443)
8. Kenny Koplove, Phillies (17th rd, #504)
9. Jason Goldstein, Dodgers (17th rd, #522)
10. Jason Richman, Rangers (18th rd, #528)
11. Adam Walton, Orioles (20th rd, #613)
12. Kyle Molnar, Cardinals (25th rd, #761)
13. Alex Katz, White Sox (27th rd, #802)
14. Jake Thomas, Blue Jays (27th rd, #812)
15. Dean Kremer, Padres (38th rd, #1137)
Source:, JBN

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