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Max Fried on winning World Series

Jewish draft picks (2021)

(Updated 10/28/2021)
1. Zack Gelof (3B), Athletics (Rd 2, #60)
2. Jacob Steinmetz (P), D'backs (Rd 3, #77)
3. Colton Gordon (P), Astros (Rd 8, #238)
4. Mike Rothenberg (C), Tigers (Rd 12, #345)
5. Shawn Goosenberg (SS), White Sox (Rd 19, #575)
6. Elie Kligman (C), Nationals (Rd 20, #593)
7. Daniel Federman (P), Orioles (free agent)
8. Aaron Cohn (P), Athletics (free agent)

Note: List may grow as more players are identified

Jewish Box Score: Playoffs

World Series, Game 6 (Nov. 2)
Max Fried, P (ATL): 6 IP, 0 ER, 4 H, 0 BB, 6 K, win
Joc Pederson, PH (ATL): 0-for-4
Alex Bregman, 3B (HOU): 0-for-3
Garrett Stubbs, C (HOU): 0-for-0

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