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Jewish draft picks (2016)

1. Andy Yerzy (C), D'backs (2nd rd, #52 overall)
2. Kenny Rosenberg (P), Rays (8th, #240)
3. Jason Goldstein (C), Mariners (9th, #267)
4. Mitchell Kranson (C), Twins (9th, #273)
5. Michael Barash (C), Angels (9th rd, #276)
6. Brandon Gold (P), Rockies (12th rd, #350)
7. Matthew Gorst (P), Red Sox (12th rd, #358)
8. Dean Kremer (P), Dodgers (14th rd, #431)
9. David Oppenheim (OF), Angels (18th rd, #546)
10. Marc Huberman (P), Cubs (18th rd, #554)
11. Ryan Gold (C), Blue Jays (27th rd, #822)
12. Jordan Scheftz (P), Red Sox (28th rd, #838)
13. Elliott Barzilli (3B), Astros (29th rd, #877)
14. Jake Fishman (P), Blue Jays (30th rd, #912)
15. Jeremy Wolf (LF), Mets (31st rd, #940)
16. Matthew Popowitz (C), Marlins (36th rd, #1073)
17. Leo Kaplan (OF), White Sox (37th rd, #1106)
Source:, JBN
Note: List may grow as players are verified Jewish

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