Everyone needs heroes. If yours include Jewish ballplayers, you’ve come to the right place.

Jewish Baseball News provides you with something virtually no one else on the Web does: news and stats on Jews with bats, including a Jewish Box Score that shows how Jewish major leaguers perform each day.

Some things you should know about us

We define the term “Jewish” broadly. If a player has at least one Jewish parent or has converted to Judaism, does not practice another faith, and is content to be identified as a Jew, we include him.

We admire the great Jewish players of yore, men like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax. But for fans of Jewish baseball players, the present is as intriguing as the past. In 2016, 12 Jews played Major League ball.

Jewish Baseball News thanks Shel Wallman and Ephraim Moxson for the hard work of identifying and confirming Jewish athletes. Please consider subscribing to their bi-monthly publication, Jewish Sports Review, which covers multiple sports across several continents.

If you know of major-league or minor-league baseball players who are Jewish and are not identified here, please fill out our contact form.

Until then, play ball.