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Syd Cohen

Syd Cohen

MLB (deceased)
Full Name Sydney Harry Cohen
Nicknames Played in Mexico as "Pablo Garcia"
Date of Birth 05/07/1906
BirthplaceBaltimore, MD
Died 04/09/1988
Religion Jewish
Height 5'11
Weight 180
Bats/Throws B/L
(Date unknown)
MLB Debut 09/18/1934
Final MLB Game: 09/09/1937

Career highlights

  • Originally an outfielder, Cohen played LF in his major-league debut with the Washington Senators, going 1/4 with an RBI single in a 9-6 loss to the Cleveland Indians. He played opposite Cleveland Indians LF (and fellow Jew) Milt Galatzer, who went 2/5 with a single, double, and 2 RBIs (9/18/1934)
  • Two days after his MLB debut, Cohen made his MLB pitching debut, tossing a complete game but losing 6-1 to the Cleveland Indians (9/20/1934)
  • Babe Ruth’s final HR and strikeout as a New York Yankee both came at the hands of Cohen, who earned an 8-5, complete-game win that day for the Washington Senators. Cohen also delivered at the plate, going 2/4 with an RBI (9/29/1934)
  • Fluent in Spanish, Cohen played and later managed in Mexico under pseudonym “Pablo Garcia”
  • Brother of fellow major-leaguer Andy Cohen

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