By Scott Barancik, Editor

The 2018 MLB amateur draft is over. So, you might wonder, which of the 1,214 college and high-school draftees are Jewish?

Our friends at Jewish Sports Review, the invaluable bi-monthly newsletter, have assembled an initial list shown below. Jewish Baseball News will update it as additional players are identified.

The list so far includes:

  1. Noah Davis (P), UC-Santa Barbara, Cincinnati Reds (Round 11/#319 overall)
  2. Zack Kone (SS), Duke University, Pittsburgh Pirates (13/384)
  3. Michael Wielansky (SS), College of Wooster, Houston Astros (18/552)
  4. Simon Rosenblum-Larson (P), Harvard University, Tampa Bay Rays (19/570)
  5. Jake Miednik (P), Florida Atlantic, Cleveland Indians (20/613)
  6. Albee Weiss (C), Cal State-Northridge, Minnesota Twins (23/694)
  7. Ben Gross (P), Princeton University, Houston Astros (34/1032)
  8. A.J. Bregman (P), Albuquerque Academy, Houston Astros (35/1062)
  9. Itamar Steiner (P), Niles North High School, Chicago Cubs (40/1208)

The most recognizable name in the group is A.J. Bregman, a high-school pitcher and brother of Houston Astros star Alex Bregman. If he signs, Houston will have two Bregmans in its franchise.

Do you know of other Jewish draftees? Let us know.

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