Sam Fuld Superhero Cape

FULD BASEBALL NEWS — Just 11 games into his first season with the Tampa Bay Rays, CF Sam Fuld has become an Internet icon.

Thanks to his superhuman catch in Chicago, his extra-base barrage in Boston, and a yearning for legitimate heroes in the age of steroids, the 29-year-old Fuld is seemingly everywhere.

  • On Twitter, the diminutive Stanford alum has tentatively replaced actor Chuck Norris and football player Tim Tebow as the object of heroic whimsy. For example: “Sam Fuld’s tears cure cancer. Too bad Sam Fuld never cries.” And: “Honus Wagner bought a Sam Fuld rookie card at auction.” Or: “When Sam Fuld dives for a fly ball, the grass gets Sam Fuld stains.” Rays manager Joe Maddon’s favorite? “Superman wears a Sam Fuld t-shirt to bed.”
  • The Tampa Bay Rays announced they will give away 10,000 Super Sam Fuld Superhero Capes at a home game in late May. The capes will replace the giveaway originally scheduled for that date: a Manny Ramirez bobblehead doll.
  • Jewish Baseball News has decided to rebrand itself as “Fuld Baseball News” until the editor grows tired of it.

Keep making us proud, Sam.

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