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Not a Jew: Steven Matz

Steven Matz's Twitter page points to a New Testament passage

Steven Matz’s Twitter page points to a New Testament passage

By Scott Barancik, editor

Of course we wanted Steven Matz to be Jewish. The New York Mets rookie practically threw himself onto our collective doorstep last week with an improbable MLB debut, not only striking out six batters in a 7-2 win but going 3-for-3 with 4 RBIs.

He was from New York. His middle name was Jakob. His parents were Ron and Lori. His last name sounded Jewish. Why couldn’t he be a Member of the Tribe?

Alas, we contacted our friends at Jewish Sports Review, who had vetted the 24-year-old pitcher years ago. And the news was not good. As if further confirmation were needed, we glanced at Matz’s Twitter feed and saw that it referenced a passage from Thessalonians, a book of the New Testament.

Our finding?

Steven Matz: not a Jew.

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