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(Editor’s note: Coverage of the 2013 MLB amateur draft is a collaboration between Jewish Baseball News and our friends at Jewish Sports Review, a bi-monthly newsletter that tracks Jewish athletes in multiple sports around the globe. Click here for subscription information.)

By Scott Barancik, editor

Two more players selected in the 2013 amateur draft have been identified as Jewish, bringing the running tally to 13.

Scott Silverstein, 23, was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 25th round (745th overall). A fifth-year senior in 2013, he led the pitching staff at the University of Virginia with a 10-2 record, along with a 3.15 ERA, 70 strikeouts, and 28 walks in 91.1 innings.

The 6-foot-6-inch southpaw was considered among the top high-school pitchers in the country as a junior, but surgeries on his left shoulder the following year and again in college slowed his progress. The 2013 season saw him return to form.

Also drafted was Zach Levinson, a 17-year-old shortstop from Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island who stands just 5-foot-8-inches tall and 160 pounds. The Toronto Blue Jays selected Zach Levinson in the 39th round of the amateur draft (1,165th overall).

Following is a list of the 13 draftees in order of selection, along with their position, team, signing status, bonus information, and minor-league placement, where available:

  1. Rob Kaminsky, LHP, St. Louis Cardinals (1st round, 28th overall pick). Signed for $1.78-million bonus. See article here.
  2. Mason Katz, 2B, St. Louis Cardinals (4th round, 125th overall). Unsigned.
  3. Zack Weiss, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (6th round, 195th overall). Unsigned.
  4. Brad Goldberg, RHP, Chicago White Sox (10th round, 303rd overall). Signed for $10,000 bonus. Assigned to Great Falls Voyagers.
  5. Alec Grosser, RHP, Atlanta Braves (11th round, 343rd overall). Signed for $400,000 bonus; assignment unknown.
  6. Ryan Kinsella, 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks (18th round, 540th overall). Signed for unknown bonus. Assigned to Hillsboro Hops.
  7. Adam Landecker, 2B, Pittsburgh Pirates (21st round, 629th overall). Signed for unknown bonus. Assigned to GCL Pirates.
  8. Henry Hirsch, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (22nd round, 659th overall). Unsigned.
  9. Scott Silverstein, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays (25th round, 745th overall). Unsigned.
  10. Sam Finfer, 1B, Los Angeles Dodgers (29th round, 874th overall). Unsigned.
  11. Tyger Pederson, 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers (33rd round, 994th overall). Unsigned.
  12. Jesse Weiss, 1B, Milwaukee Brewers (36th round, 1,082nd overall). Unsigned.
  13. Zach Levinson, Toronto Blue Jays (39th round, 1,165th overall). Unsigned.

Stay tuned for future announcements from Jewish Baseball News and Jewish Sports Review about the 2013 MLB draft.

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