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UPDATED: March 24, 2015 @ 9:30am

  • The wrestling brothers featured in the movie Foxcatcher were “raised in poverty by their Jewish mother” * * *
  • Tulane center Aaron Liberman, a redshirt sophomore, is a 6-foot-10-inch Orthodox Jew whose mother was an Israeli sprinter * * *
  • Bravo to Baseball for All, which just completed its first 2-day clinic for Jewish and Arab Israeli sixth-graders (3/11/2015) * * *
  • Lebron James on coach David Blatt: “I respect him as a coach, he respects me as a leader of this team and we have some good chemistry right now” * * *
  • After starting the season 19-20, Lebron James’ Cavaliers have won 18 of their last 22 under rookie coach David Blatt * * *
  • Speaking of Nate Ebner, have you read S.I.’s story about his incredible journey to the NFL? * * *
  •  c/o Kaplan’s Korner: though the Patriots’ Julian Edelman has Jewish lineage, he was raised Christian. But special-teams guy Nate Ebner is Jewish * * *
  • The Washington Post’s ode to U. of Md. senior Jacob Susskind, an Orthodox kid who walked-on to the basketball team (1/29/2015) * * *
  • Why does Patriots QB Tom Brady’s new house have a menorah in it? (1/28/2015) * * *
  • Jacoby Boren, a 6’1″ offensive lineman with national champion Ohio State, is the third Boren brother to play for the Buckeyes (1/17/2015) * * *
  • Former Jewish minor leaguer Randy Poffo, better known as wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage, has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame (1/17/2015) * * *
  • In a 1970 interview, former heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey said his paternal grandmother, Rachel Solomon, was Jewish (1/17/2015) * * *
  • Josh Ho-Sang, a first-round draft pick of the New York Islanders in 2014, is the son of a Chilean Jew and a Jamaican tennis pro. His great-grandfather was born in Hong Kong (12/29/2014) * * *
  • After starting the season 5-7, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won 6 in a row under rookie coach David Blatt and now lead the Central Division (12/7/2014) * * *
  • Coach David Blatt earned his first NBA win Friday as the Cavaliers beat the Bulls in OT. A day earlier, Blatt had chewed-out his players after a lackluster season debut against the Knicks (11/1/2014) * * *
  • LeBron, Cavs beat Maccabi Tel Aviv 107-80 on Sunday behind ex-Maccabi coach David Blatt before sellout crowd in Cleveland (10/6/2014) ***
  • How a Jewish roommate at U. of Florida led 6’9″ power forward Alex Tyrus to convert to Judaism, play ball in Israel (9/23/2014) ***
  • He’s 15 years old, 7’1″ tall, African-American, and Jewish. Zach Brown and his Fort Lauderdale team took the bronze last month at the 2014 JCC Maccabi Games in Cherry Hill, N.J.
  • Freelance sportswriter Sandra Harwitt has just published a book titled The Greatest Jewish Tennis Players of All Time, available now for pre-order at Amazon (9/15/2014) ***
  • The nation’s best high-school Q.B. attends a Catholic school outside Los Angeles. But he’s Jewish. And so is his center (8/30/2014) ***
  • Geoff Schwartz, the New York Giants’ 6’6″, 340-pound guard, talks about growing up Jewish with brother Mitchell Schwartz, a guard for the Cleveland Browns (8/11/2014) ***
  • More from Noad Lahat: “As a combat soldier, there is nothing in the world I want more than peace…I don’t want to see more killing, more blood…Only blood is right here in the octagon” (7/26/2014) ***
  • In a post-fight interview, Noad Lahat said he would fly home right away to Israel: “If me and my friends, my partners in arms, don’t go and defend our country, we’ll have nowhere to go” (7/26/2014) ***
  • Israeli Noad Lahat upset UFC veteran Steven Siler today in a unanimous decision. The 30-year-old used 4 takedowns and world-champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills to earn the win (7/26/2014) ***
  • Israeli fighter Noad Lahat, interviewed here, will make his second UFC appearance Saturday night…and then return home to a real war (7/25/2014)
  • After winnings its first 5 matches at the 38-nation World Lacrosse Championships by a combined margin of 88-18 — including a 15-1 thrashing of Germany — Israel lost 1-point heartbreakers to Australia and England. Today’s foe: Japan (7/18/2014) ***
  • Read what new Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt has to say about LeBron James, Bernard Malamud, coaching Euroleague champ Maccabi Tel Aviv, and leaving his wife and kids back in Israel (7/16/2014) ***
  • Interesting profile of boxer Boyd Melson, an African-American Jew who learned to box at West Point and dreamt of winning an Olympic gold medal so that he could teach George Bush a lesson about stem-cell research (7/14/2014) ***
  • Israel, which didn’t have a national lacrosse team as recently as four years ago, is 4-0 so far in its first trip to the World Lacrosse Championships (7/14/2014) ***
  • At 7’1″ and 255 pounds, high-school freshman Zachariah “Zach” Brown dominated in 2014, averaging 18.4 points, 16.5 rebounds, and 6.9 blocks per game for Miami Beach. named Brown, who is Jewish, to its Freshman All-American Team (7/8/2014) ***
  • Watch Columbia — and its Jewish coach, Jose Pekerman — play Brazil this afternoon in the World Cup! (7/4/2014) ***
  • Italian soccer star Mario Balotelli was raised by a Jewish adoptive mother from the age of three (6/20/2014) ***
  • New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire, whose interest in Judaism has led him to study Torah and seek Israeli citizenship, may be pondering a Bar Mitzvah (5/12/2014) ***
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