• (2:30pm) At a dinner Saturday hosted by the New York chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, Sandy Koufax presented Clayton Kershaw with the 2014 N.L. MVP and Cy Young awards * * *
  • (2:17pm) What do Peyton Manning, Prince Fielder, and MLB free agent Ryan Kalish have in common? Cervical-fusion surgery on the neck * * *
  • (2:14pm) Happy birthday to Brewers prospect Ben Guez, who turned 28 on Jan. 24 * * *
  • (2:12pm) A fond farewell to Cubs great Ernie Banks. Here’s a photo of him with then-high-school ballplayer Cody Decker * * *
  • (2:10pm) Padres forever-prospect Cody Decker talks about what it’s like to have the El Paso Chihuahua’s amazing fans chant his name * * *