All-time Jewish batting leaders

Through 2018

Calculated by Jewish Baseball News

(Active players shown bolded)


Most home runs, season

1Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers58
2Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers49
3Hank Greenberg1946Detroit Tigers44
4Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians43
5Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays42
5Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers42
7Ryan Braun2012Milwaukee Brewers41
7Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers41
9Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers40
10Ryan Braun2008Milwaukee Brewers37
10Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians37

Most home runs, career

(through games played June 7, 2019)

1Ryan Braun332*
2Hank Greenberg331
3Shawn Green328
4Ian Kinsler
5Sid Gordon202
6Al Rosen192
7Mike Lieberthal150
7Kevin Youkilis150
9Mike Epstein130
10Joc Pederson105
11Danny Valencia96
12Gabe Kapler82
13Ike Davis
* Braun was suspended in 2013 for violating MLB's drug policy

Home-run frequency, season (15+ HRs)

1Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers556589.59
2Art Shamsky1966Cincinnati Reds2342111.14
3Hank Greenberg1946Detroit Tigers5234411.89
4Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers6194912.63
5Ryan Braun
2007Milwaukee Brewers4513413.26
6Mike Epstein1969Washington Senators4033013.43
7Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers5824213.86
8Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians5994313.93
9Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers5734113.98
10Ryan Braun
2012Milwaukee Brewers5984114.59
11Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays6144214.62
12Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers5944014.85
13Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians5543714.97
14Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers5003315.15
15Joc Pederson2018Los Angeles Dodgers3952515.80
16Hank Greenberg1947Pittsburgh Pirates4022516.08
17Ike Davis
2012New York Mets5193216.22
18Joc Pederson
2016Los Angeles Dodgers4062516.24
19Mike Lieberthal1999Philadelphia Phillies5103116.45
20Ryan Braun
2008Milwaukee Brewers6113716.51
AB = at bats

Home-run frequency, career (50+ HRs)

1Hank Greenberg519333115.69
2Joc Pederson15828718.18
3Ryan Braun
4Al Rosen372519219.40
5Shawn Green708232821.59
6Mike Epstein285413021.95
7Alex Bregman13515823.29
8Sid Gordon499220224.71
9Art Shamsky16866824.79
10Kevin Youkilis374915024.99
11Ike Davis
12Ron Blomberg13335225.63
13Mike Lieberthal421815028.12
14Ian Kinsler
15Danny Valencia
16Jeff Newman21236333.70
17Gabe Kapler29838236.38
AB = at bats

Most RBIs, season

1Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers184
2Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers168
3Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers150
4Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers147
5Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians145
6Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers139
7Hank Greenberg1946Detroit Tigers127
8Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers125
9Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays123
10Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians116
11Kevin Youkilis2008Boston Red Sox115
12Ryan Braun2009Milwaukee Brewers114
12Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers114
14Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers113
15Ryan Braun2012Milwaukee Brewers112
16Ryan Braun2011Milwaukee Brewers111
17Sid Gordon1951Boston Braves109
18Sid Gordon1948New York Giants107
19Ryan Braun2008Milwaukee Brewers106
20Al Rosen1952Cleveland Indians105
21Alex Bregman2018Houston Astros103
21Ryan Braun2010Milwaukee Brewers103
21Sid Gordon1950Boston Braves103
23Al Rosen1951Cleveland Indians102
23Al Rosen1954Cleveland Indians102
25Shawn Green1998Toronto Blue Jays100

Most RBIs, career

1Hank Greenberg1274
2Shawn Green1070
3Ryan Braun
4Ian Kinsler887
5Sid Gordon805
6Al Rosen717
7Kevin Youkilis618
8Mike Lieberthal610
9Brad Ausmus607
10Danny Valencia397
10Harry Danning397
12Gabe Kapler386
13Mike Epstein380

Highest batting average, season (250+ at bats)

1Lipman Pike1875St. Louis Brown Stockings.346
2Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers.340
3Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers.339
4Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers.337
5Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians.336
6Ryan Braun2011Milwaukee Brewers.332
7Ron Blomberg1973New York Yankees.329
8Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers.328
9Goody Rosen1945Brooklyn Dodgers.325
10Morrie Arnovich1939Philadelphia Phillies.3238
11Ryan Braun2007Milwaukee Brewers.3237
12Lipman Pike1876St. Louis Brown Stockings.323
13Ryan Braun2009Milwaukee Brewers.320
14Ryan Braun2012Milwaukee Brewers.319
15Ian Kinsler2008Texas Rangers.3185
Note: Rankings based on batting average to four decimal points

Highest batting average, career (1,000+ at bats)

1Lipman Pike1979.322
2Hank Greenberg5193.313
3Ryan Braun
4Phil Weintraub1382.295
5Ron Blomberg1333.293
6Goody Rosen1916.291
7Morrie Arnovich2013.287
8Al Rosen3725.2854
9Harry Danning2971.2851
10Sid Gordon4992.2835
11Shawn Green7082.2828
12Alex Bregman1351.2820
13Kevin Youkilis3749.281
14Mike Lieberthal4218.2738
15Ian Kinsler
Note: Rankings based on batting average to four decimal points

Highest slugging percentage, season (250+ at bats)

1Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers556.683
2Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers573.670
3Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers594.668
4Ryan Braun
2007Milwaukee Brewers451.634
5Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers619.628
6Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers500.622
7Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians599.613
8Hank Greenberg1946Detroit Tigers523.604
9Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers593.600
10Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers619.598
11Ryan Braun
2011Milwaukee Brewers563.597
12Ryan Braun
2012Milwaukee Brewers598.595
13Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays614.588
14Kevin Youkilis2008Boston Red Sox538.569
15Kevin Youkilis2010Boston Red Sox362.564
16Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers582.558
17Sid Gordon1950Boston Braves481.557
18Ryan Braun
2008Milwaukee Brewers611.553
19Ryan Braun
2009Milwaukee Brewers635.551
19Mike Epstein1969Washington Senators403.551
19Mike Lieberthal1999Philadelphia Phillies510.551
Note: Rankings based on slugging percentage to three decimal points

Highest slugging percentage, career (1,000+ at bats)

1Hank Greenberg5193.605
2Ryan Braun
3Alex Bregman1351.500
4Al Rosen3725.495
5Shawn Green7082.494
6Kevin Youkilis3749.478
7Ron Blomberg1333.473
8Lipman Pike1979.468
9Sid Gordon4992.466
10Joc Pederson1582.456
11Mike Lieberthal4218.446
12Ian Kinsler
13Phil Weintraub1382.440
14Art Shamsky1686.427
15Danny Valencia2963.426
16Mike Epstein2854.424
17Gabe Kapler2983.420
18Harry Danning2971.415
19Ike Davis

Most hits, season

1Ryan Braun2009Milwaukee Brewers203
1Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers203
3Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians201
3Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers201
5Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers200
6Goody Rosen1945Brooklyn Dodgers197
7Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers195
8Ryan Braun2012Milwaukee Brewers191
9Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays190
10Ryan Braun2010Milwaukee Brewers188
10Ian Kinsler2014Detroit Tigers188
12Ryan Braun2011Milwaukee Brewers187
13Ian Kinsler2015Detroit Tigers185
14Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers184

Most hits, career

1Shawn Green2003
2Ian Kinsler1943
3Ryan Braun1802
4Hank Greenberg1628
5Brad Ausmus1579
6Sid Gordon1415
7Mike Lieberthal1155
8Al Rosen1063
9Kevin Youkilis1053
10Harry Danning847
11Gabe Kapler799
12Danny Valencia795
13Elliott Maddox742
14Mike Epstein695
15Kevin Pillar640

Most doubles, season

1Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers63
2Alex Bregman2018Houston Astros51
3Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers50
4Shawn Green2003Los Angeles Dodgers49
4Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers49
6Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers46
7Ryan Braun
2010Milwaukee Brewers45
7Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays45
9Shawn Green2000Los Angeles Dodgers44
10Kevin Youkilis2008Boston Red Sox43
11Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers42
11Ian Kinsler
2012Texas Rangers42
11Kevin Youkilis2006Boston Red Sox42
14Ian Kinsler
2008Texas Rangers41
15Kevin Pillar2018Toronto Blue Jays40
15Ian Kinsler
2014Detroit Tigers40
17Alex Bregman
2017Houston Astros39
17Ryan Braun
2009Milwaukee Brewers39
17Ryan Braun
2008Milwaukee Brewers39

Most doubles, career

1Shawn Green445
2Ian Kinsler404
3Hank Greenberg379
4Ryan Braun
5Brad Ausmus270
6Mike Lieberthal257
7Kevin Youkilis254
8Sid Gordon220
9Gabe Kapler176
10Al Rosen165
11Harry Danning162
12Kevin Pillar156
13Danny Valencia
14Elliott Maddox121
15Lipman Pike120
16Ike Davis
17Morrie Arnovich104
18Alex Bregman103

Most triples, season

1Sammy Bohne1921Cincinnati Reds16
1Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers16
3Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers14
4Lipman Pike1875St. Louis Brown Stockings12
5Sid Gordon1943New York Giants11
5Goody Rosen1938Brooklyn Dodgers11
5Goody Rosen1945Brooklyn Dodgers11
8Sammy Bohne1923Cincinnati Reds10
8Lipman Pike1876St. Louis Brown Stockings10
8Guy Zinn1912New York Yankees10

Most triples, career

1Hank Greenberg71
2Lipman Pike53
3Ryan Braun46
4Sammy Bohne45
5Sid Gordon43
6Ian Kinsler
7Shawn Green35
8Brad Ausmus34
8Goody Rosen34
10Harry Danning26
11Guy Zinn23
12Al Rosen20
13Cal Abrams19
13Phil Weintraub19
15Sam Fuld18
15Kevin Youkilis18
17Mike Epstein16
17Gabe Kapler16
17Elliott Maddox16
20Art Shamsky15

Most walks drawn, season

1Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers119
2Hank Greenberg1947Pittsburgh Pirates104
3Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers102
4Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians100
5Alex Bregman2018Houston Astros96
6Sid Gordon1949New York Giants95
7Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers93
7Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers93
9Joc Pederson
2015Los Angeles Dodgers92
9Al Rosen1955Cleveland Indians92
11Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers91
11Kevin Youkilis2006Boston Red Sox91
13Shawn Green2000Los Angeles Dodgers90

Most walks drawn, career

1Hank Greenberg852
2Shawn Green744
3Sid Gordon731
4Ian Kinsler674
5Brad Ausmus634
6Al Rosen587
7Ryan Braun545
8Kevin Youkilis539
9Mike Epstein448
10Elliott Maddox409
11Mike Lieberthal335
12Cal Abrams304
13Ike Davis
14Gabe Kapler269
15Joc Pederson243
16Phil Weintraub232
17Joe Ginsberg226
18Goody Rosen218

Most intentional walks drawn, season

1Shawn Green2002Los Angeles Dodgers22
2Ryan Braun
2012Milwaukee Brewers15
3Mike Lieberthal2005Philadelphia Phillies14
4Art Shamsky1970New York Mets13
5Brad Ausmus1994San Diego Padres12
6Brad Ausmus1998Houston Astros11
6Brad Ausmus2004Houston Astros11
8Ryan Braun
2016Milwaukee Brewers10
8Mike Epstein1969Washington Senators10
8Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers10

Most intentional walks drawn, career

1Shawn Green80
2Brad Ausmus69
3Ryan Braun
4Mike Epstein43
5Mike Lieberthal34
6Art Shamsky29
7Kevin Youkilis22
8Elliott Maddox21
9Ike Davis
10Ron Blomberg16
10Jeff Newman16
12Norm Miller15
13Joc Pederson14
14Ian Kinsler11
14Richie Scheinblum11

Most times hit by pitch, season

1Kevin Youkilis
2012Red Sox/White Sox17
2Kevin Youkilis
2009Boston Red Sox16
3Kevin Youkilis
2007Boston Red Sox15
4Brad Ausmus1999Detroit Tigers14
4Mike Lieberthal2002Philadelphia Phillies14
4Kevin Youkilis
2011Boston Red Sox14
7Ryan Braun
2009Milwaukee Brewers13
7Mike Epstein1968Washington Senators13
7Ian Kinsler
2016Detroit Tigers13
10Alex Bregman2018Houston Astros12
10Mike Epstein1971Athletics/Senators12
10Mike Lieberthal2003Philadelphia Phillies12
10Kevin Youkilis
2008Boston Red Sox12
14Ryan Braun
2012Milwaukee Brewers11
14Mike Epstein1972Oakland Athletics11
14Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays11
14Mike Lieberthal1999Philadelphia Phillies11
14Mike Lieberthal2004Philadelphia Phillies11
14Mike Lieberthal2005Philadelphia Phillies11
20Mike Epstein1969Washington Senators10
20Shawn Green2006Mets/Diamondbacks10
20Ian Kinsler
2012Texas Rangers10
20Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians10
20Joc Pederson2017Los Angeles Dodgers10
20Kevin Youkilis
2010Boston Red Sox10

Most times hit by pitch, career

1Kevin Youkilis104
2Ian Kinsler
2Mike Lieberthal89
4Shawn Green80
5Mike Epstein70
6Brad Ausmus69
7Ryan Braun
8Elliott Maddox34
9Al Rosen27
9Joc Pederson
11Kevin Pillar26
12Sid Gordon22
13Alex Bregman19
14Gabe Kapler17

Most times struck out, season

1Joc Pederson
2Shawn Green1998142
3Ike Davis
4Ike Davis
5Joc Pederson
6Ryan Braun
7Ryan Braun
8Kevin Youkilis2009125
9Danny Valencia2017122
10Ryan Braun
10Shawn Green2000121
12Kevin Youkilis2006120
13Mike Epstein1970117
13Shawn Green1999117
15Ryan Braun
15Ian Kinsler
15Danny Valencia
18Shawn Green2004114
19Ryan Braun
20Ryan Braun
20Shawn Green2002112
20Shawn Green2003112

Most times struck out, career

1Shawn Green1315
2Ryan Braun
3Brad Ausmus1034
4Ian Kinsler
5Hank Greenberg844
6Kevin Youkilis828
7Mike Epstein645
8Danny Valencia
9Mike Lieberthal571
10Ike Davis538
11Gabe Kapler480
12Joc Pederson464
13Kevin Pillar425
14Sandy Koufax386
15Al Rosen385
16Jeff Newman369
17Elliott Maddox358
18Sid Gordon356

Hardest to strike out, season (250+ at bats)

1Lipman Pike187328541.4%
2Lipman Pike187228562.1%
3Lipman Pike187531282.6%
4Lipman Pike187726272.7%
5Milt Galatazer193525983.1%
6Lipman Pike187628293.2%
7Andy Cohen1928504173.4%
8Andy Cohen1929347154.3%
9Moe Berg1929352164.5%
10Sammy Bohne1922383184.7%
11Sid Gordon1947437214.8%
12Harry Danning1941459255.4%
13Morrie Arnovich1939491285.7%
14Sid Gordon1951550325.8%
15Harry Danning1940524315.92%
16Goody Rosen1945606365.94%
Note: Based on percentage of at-bats ending in a strikeout

Hardest to strike out, career (1,000+ at bats)

1Lipman Pike1979572.9%
2Moe Berg18131176.5%
3Sammy Bohne23151546.7%
4Morrie Arnovich20131396.9%
5Sid Gordon49923567.1%
6Harry Danning29712177.3%
7Joe Ginsberg17161357.9%
8Goody Rosen19161668.7%
9Ron Blomberg133313410.1%
10Al Rosen372538510.3%
11Richie Scheinblum121813511.1%
12Jim Levey163220112.3%
13Elliott Maddox284335812.59%
14Guy Zinn110313912.6%
Note: Based on percentage of at-bats ending in a strikeout

Best walk-to-strikeout ratio, season (75+ combined BBs and Ks)

1Sid Gordon195467242.792
2Sid Gordon194995372.568
3Sid Gordon195078312.516
4Sid Gordon195180322.500
5Sid Gordon194660272.222
6Al Rosen195592442.091
7Morrie Arnovich193958282.071
8Al Rosen195485431.977
9Sid Gordon194874391.897
10Elliott Maddox197871381.868
11Phil Weintraub194554291.862
12Sid Gordon195371401.775
13Al Rosen195385481.771

Best walk-to-strikeout ratio, career (250+ combined BBs and Ks)

1Sid Gordon7313562.053
2Joe Ginsberg2261351.674
3Al Rosen5873851.525
4Morrie Arnovich1851391.331
5Goody Rosen2181661.313
6Phil Weintraub2321821.275
7Sammy Bohne1931541.253
8Elliott Maddox4093581.142
9Richie Scheinblum1491351.104
10Cal Abrams3042901.048
11Ron Blomberg1401341.045
12Hank Greenberg8528441.009

Highest on-base percentage, season (250+ at bats)

1Hank Greenberg1938Detroit Tigers.438
2Hank Greenberg1937Detroit Tigers.436
3Hank Greenberg1940Detroit Tigers.433
4Al Rosen1953Cleveland Indians.422
4Phil Weintraub1938Philadelphia Phillies.422
6Hank Greenberg1939Detroit Tigers.420
7Mike Epstein1969Washington Senators.414
8Cal Abrams1955Baltimore Orioles.413
8Kevin Youkilis2009Boston Red Sox.413
10Phil Weintraub1944New York Giants.412
11Hank Greenberg1935Detroit Tigers.411
11Kevin Youkilis2010Boston Red Sox.411
13Hank Greenberg1947Pittsburgh Pirates.408
14Sid Gordon1954Pittsburgh Pirates.405
14Al Rosen1950Cleveland Indians.405
16Sid Gordon1949New York Giants.404
16Hank Greenberg1934Detroit Tigers.404
16Hank Greenberg1945Detroit Tigers.404
16Al Rosen1954Cleveland Indians.404
20Sid Gordon1950Boston Braves.403
21Richie Scheinblum1973Reds/Angels.402
Note: Rankings based on OBP to three decimal points

Highest on-base percentage, career (1,000+ at bats)

1Hank Greenberg5193.412
2Phil Weintraub1382.398
3Cal Abrams1611.386
4Al Rosen3725.384
5Kevin Youkilis3749.382
6Sid Gordon4992.377
7Alex Bregman1351.366
8Goody Rosen1916.364
9Ryan Braun
10Ron Blomberg1333.360
11Mike Epstein2854.358
11Elliott Maddox2843.358
13Shawn Green7082.355
14Morrie Arnovich2013.350
15Richie Scheinblum1218.343
Note: Rankings based on OBP to three decimal points

Most stolen bases, season

1Shawn Green1998Toronto Blue Jays3512
2Ryan Braun
2011Milwaukee Brewers336
3Ian Kinsler
2009Texas Rangers315
4Ryan Braun
2012Milwaukee Brewers307
4Ian Kinsler
2011Texas Rangers304
6Sammy Bohne1921Cincinnati Reds2622
6Ian Kinsler
2008Texas Rangers262
8Lipman Pike1875St. Louis Brown Stockings2510
8Kevin Pillar2015Toronto Blue Jays254
10Ryan Braun
2015Milwaukee Brewers244
10Shawn Green2000Los Angeles Dodgers245
12Gabe Kapler2001Texas Rangers236
12Ian Kinsler
2007Texas Rangers232
14Sam Fuld2014Twins/Athletics214
14Ian Kinsler
2012Texas Rangers219
16Ryan Braun
2009Milwaukee Brewers206
16Sam Fuld2011Tampa Bay Rays208
16Shawn Green1999Toronto Blue Jays207
16Shawn Green2001Los Angeles Dodgers204
16Elliott Maddox1972Texas Rangers2010
SB = Stolen bases
CS = Times caught stealing

Most stolen bases, career

1Ian Kinsler
2Ryan Braun
3Shawn Green16252
4Brad Ausmus10253
5Gabe Kapler7730
6Sammy Bohne7559
7Kevin Pillar6922
8Sam Fuld6720
9Elliott Maddox6054
10Hank Greenberg5826
11Lipman Pike5015
SB = Stolen bases
CS = Times caught stealing