JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Major League Baseball has named Ryan Braun its National League Player of the Week for April 18-24, the 3rd time he has won the distinction. The award coincided with Braun’s signing of a 5-year contract extension that will pay him a total of $105-million.

But that doesn’t even begin to describe what the Milwaukee Brewers LF has accomplished so far this season.

While Tampa Bay Rays OF Sam Fuld has been drawing much of the media attention, and deservedly so, Braun has quietly been putting up some great numbers.

Through 22 games, he ranks among the N.L.’s Top Six in at least 12 categories:

  • 1st: Runs (22), HRs (8), OPS (1.182), At-bats per HR (10.3)
  • 2nd: RBIs (20), slugging percentage (.707), total bases (58)
  • 3rd: Walks (16), Wins Above Replacement (1.4)
  • 4th: On-base percentage (.475)
  • 5th: Hits (31)
  • 6th: Batting average (.378)

In fact, Braun has reached base in all 22 Brewers games this season. And he’s not just swinging the bat well. The 27-year-old bachelor — who last week inspired one fan to hoist a sign with her cell-phone number and a marriage proposal — has not made a single error in the outfield.

Here’s one oddity: In 99 at-bats this season, Braun has hit only one double. We’re talking about a Double Machine, the same man who hit 6 doubles during the Brewers’ first 22 games of 2010 and finished the season with 45, second highest in the N.L.

(If anyone has any thoughts on Braun’s double trouble, please share them here or on our Facebook page.)

Yesterday (4/25/2011), Braun made a down payment on a second straight Player of the Week award, going 2/5 with a home run and 3 RBIs in a 9-5 loss to the Cincinnati Reds.


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