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Bob Tufts

Bob Tufts

MLB (deceased)
Full Name Robert Malcolm Tufts
Date of Birth 11/02/1955
BirthplaceMedford, MA
Died 10/04/2019
Religion Jewish
Height 6'5
Weight 215
Bats/Throws L/L
Drafted Giants
Draft Round12
Overall Pick296
MLB Debut 08/10/1981
Final MLB Game: 05/06/1983

On being Jewish

  • When asked by the rabbi to select a Jewish name during his conversion to Judaism, Bob Tufts chose “Sandy Koufax” (The Jewish Week, 2011)
  • From The Jewish Week (2011): “I was sitting in the bullpen in Tucson, Ariz. Our closer, Gene Pentz, out of nowhere, asked me if I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I turned to him and said, ‘It’s funny you mentioned that. I’ve started the process of converting to Judaism, so no, I don’t.’ Gene’s eyes blazed, and he said sternly, ‘Well, you’re going to hell,’ and he turned back to watch the game. That’s how we left it. I was extremely upset, and called Suzanne [my wife]. Lo and behold, Gene went into a slump and I got better,” pitching to a rarified 1.70 earned run average, taking over Pentz’s job as closer. “Divine providence?” he jokes.

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