JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Pardon me if you’ve already seen this classic 2006 video, in which comedians Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke discover during a Boston Red Sox broadcast that 1B Kevin Youkilis and outfielder Gabe Kapler are Jewish.

Actor Mel Gibson, whose anti-Semitic remarks during a 2006 DUI arrest were a national story at the time, takes the brunt of the comedians’ rant.

The video ends, fittingly, with Youkilis’ successful pick-off of a Detroit Tigers baserunner at first base. “Mel Gibson, eat your heart out!” yells Clarke.

Thanks to writer Bruce Lowitt for bringing this video to my attention. To see Lowitt’s 2007 article on growing up a “short, fat and Jewish” baseball fan in Bensonhurst, click here.

— Scott Barancik