JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — San Francisco Giants rookie SP Madison Bumgarner is slated to pitch Game 4 of the 2010 World Series against the Texas Rangers. But he definitely won’t be wearing a kipa.

A number of readers recently asked Jewish Baseball News whether Bumgarner, a 21-year-old out of Hickory, N.C., is Jewish. It’s not clear why. Does “Bumgarner” sound suspiciously like “Baumgarten,” as in former MLB pitcher (and Member of the Tribe) Ross Baumgarten? Does he “look” Jewish? (One reader wrote, perhaps jokingly: “What a punim.”)

Our initial research left little doubt about Bumgarner’s faith. A recent obituary for his half-sister identified her as a member of the Christian Fellowship Chapel, for example. (Our sincere condolences to the Bumgarner family.)

A publicist for the Giants deleted our e-mail without reading it. But as often is the case, the player’s mother was gracious enough to respond to our somewhat petty inquiry.

Are you or Madison’s father Jewish, we asked Debbie Bumgarner? “Thank you,” she wrote. “We are Baptist. Have a great day.”

Madison Bumgarner: not a Jew.