Jason Kipnis

JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — In March 2008, the editors of a bi-monthly publication called Jewish Sports Review contacted Arizona State University sophomore Jason Kipnis with a question: was the star outfielder willing to be listed as a Jewish athlete?

Kipnis, who was raised in no religion but whose father was Jewish, gave his okay. Fan sites like Jewish Baseball News have proudly claimed Kipnis ever since.

But just as Jewish fans were kvelling over his MLB debut with the Cleveland Indians last week, a number of astute observers swore they saw Kipnis sporting a crucifix.

The same Jewish Sports Review editors who contacted Kipnis in 2008 swiftly reached out to him again. And today (7/29/2011), Indians spokesman Bart Swain confirmed it: Jason Kipnis is now a practicing Roman Catholic.

Though we will miss covering Kipnis in these pages, we wish him the best both in his career and his faith.

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