JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Jewish position players are batting a collective .318 this season, compared to .256 for their peers. But Jewish pitchers are struggling.

How bad are things?

Having said all this, it’s early yet. We’re less than one-tenth of the way through the 2010 season. And there’s a chance that I’m just projecting a little bit here. Allow me to share my own recent humiliation on the diamond.

I used to be a pretty good softball player. Competent in the field, strong at the plate, aggressive baserunner. In my flaccid mind, I still am. But years of parenting, couch-surfing and not playing appear to have caught up with me.

A couple months ago I joined a local, co-ed softball league. And in a game this week, I did something you might’ve thought impossible. After lining — okay, dribbling — the ball to the pitcher, I began sprinting for first base but soon ran into an unexpected obstacle: my own bat, which I conveniently had tossed in the basepath.

From one humiliated, bruised mess to another: I’m rooting for you, pitchers.

— Scott Barancik