By Scott Barancik, editor

Cody Decker is known for producing funny videos. But according to our research, he deserves at least as much praise for his production at the plate.

Through games played Thursday (6/25/2015), the 28-year-old San Diego Padres prospect had 14 HRs and 49 RBIs in just 183 at-bats this season. That sounded pretty darn good to us, so we decided to see how Decker compared to his Triple-A peers.

We looked at HRs first. Twenty-six Triple-A players had 10 or more round-trippers as of Thursday. Who’s hitting them the most often? Cody Decker. The Padres’ all-time minor-league HR leader — he has hit 147 — is averaging one dinger per 13.1 at-bats this season for the El Paso Chihuahuas.

Triple-A leaders: HR productivity (thru 6/25/2015)

1Cody DeckerPadres1831413.1
2Travis TaijeronMets1941314.9
3Jon SingletonAstros2641715.5
4Jarrett ParkerGiants2001216.7
5J.P. ArencibiaRays2081217.3
6Domingo SantanaAstros1971117.9
7Peter O'BrienDiamondbacks2711518.1
8Alex CastellanosMets2221218.5
9Adam DuvallGiants2811518.7
10Xavier ScruggsCardinals2071118.8
11Corey BrownRays2131119.4
12Patrick KivlehanMariners2571319.8
13Jared HoyingRangers2401220.0
14Kyle RollerYankees2481220.7
15Mike HessmanTigers2081020.8
16Matt DavidsonWhite Sox2711320.8
17Matt ClarkBrewers2551221.3
18Matt McbrideRockies2321023.2
19Arismendy AlcantaraCubs2351023.5
20Jamie RomakDiamondbacks2611123.7
21Nick EvansDiamondbacks2651124.1
22Stephen PiscottyCardinals2581025.8
23Dariel AlvarezOrioles2881126.2
24Jefry MarteTigers2631026.3
25Jesus MonteroMariners2911126.5
26Jesus AguilarIndians2771027.7
Note: Includes the 26 Triple-A players who had 10 or more HRs as of 6/25/2015.

Next, we examined RBIs. Jewish Baseball News identified 67 Triple-A players who had amassed 30 or more RBIs as of Thursday. You probably won’t be surprised to find out who’s leading the pack: yep, Cody Decker. The UCLA alum is averaging one RBI for every 3.7 at-bats this season.

Now, it’s not our job to tell the Padres what to do. Maybe Decker isn’t capable of hitting Major League pitching. Maybe his play at first base or third base isn’t MLB-quality. We honestly can’t say.

But seven years into his storied minor-league career, the prince of Triple-A jesters has gotten more call-ups from ESPN’s Keith Olbermann (two) than he has from the Padres (zero).

San Diego, isn’t it time you gave Cody Decker a chance?

Triple-A leaders: RBI productivity (thru 6/25/2015)

1Cody DeckerPadres183493.7
2Jon SingletonAstros264664.0
3Nick EvansDiamondbacks265604.4
4Peter O'BrienDiamondbacks271584.7
5Matt DuffyAstros248534.7
6Travis TaijeronMets194395.0
7Alex CastellanosMets222435.2
8Domingo SantanaAstros197385.2
9Jesus MonteroMariners291565.2
10Jamie RomakDiamondbacks261495.3
11Jason CoatsWhite Sox224415.5
12L.J. HoesAstros210385.5
13Jarrett ParkerGiants200365.6
14Brandon AllenMets198355.7
15Jefry MarteTigers263465.7
16Kyle RollerYankees248435.8
17Christian VillanuevaCubs191335.8
18Franklin GutierrezMariners180315.8
19Danny OrtizTwins250435.8
20Dan Johnson- - -206355.9
21Stefen RomeroMariners236405.9
22Xavier ScruggsCardinals207355.9
23Jesus AguilarIndians277466.0
24Nevin AshleyBrewers183306.1
25Mike HessmanTigers208346.1
26Andy Wilkins- - -216356.2
27Jason PridieAthletics273446.2
28Adam DuvallGiants281456.2
29Brad GlennBlue Jays200326.3
30Kyle ParkerRockies239386.3
31Matt HagueBlue Jays271436.3
32J.P. ArencibiaRays208336.3
33Vinny RottinoMarlins221356.3
34Roger KieschnickAngels196316.3
35Rymer LirianoPadres242386.4
36Alex DickersonPadres237376.4
37Patrick KivlehanMariners257406.4
38Steven MoyaTigers225356.4
39Corey BrownRays213336.5
40Brett WallacePadres239376.5
41Ramiro PenaPadres241376.5
42Matt ReynoldsMets281436.5
43Matt ClarkBrewers255396.5
44Brent MorelPirates231356.6
45Matt DavidsonWhite Sox271416.6
46Kyle JensenDodgers207316.7
47Michael ChoiceRangers223336.8
48Matt McbrideRockies232346.8
49Jared HoyingRangers240356.9
50Alex PresleyAstros215316.9
51Reynaldo RodriguezTwins250366.9
52Adonis GarciaBraves252367.0
53Chris ParmeleeOrioles234327.3
54Shawn O'MalleyMariners220307.3
55Dariel AlvarezOrioles288397.4
56Taylor MotterRays268357.7
57Yorman RodriguezReds255337.7
58Matt LongBrewers258337.8
59Stephen PiscottyCardinals258337.8
60Alen HansonPirates256328.0
61Cheslor CuthbertRoyals262328.2
62Trayce ThompsonWhite Sox272338.2
63Brian BogusevicPhillies266328.3
64Henry UrrutiaOrioles258318.3
65Dixon MachadoTigers262318.5
66Joey WendleAthletics285338.6
67Rob RefsnyderYankees266308.9
Note: Includes the 67 Triple-A players who had 30 or more RBIs as of 6/25/2015.

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