Jon Moscot pitched 8 shutout innings in a 10-0 win Saturday night (Ricky Bassman/Bakersfield Blaze)

By Scott Barancik, editor

Cincinnati Reds prospect Jon Moscot has put together some pretty impressive stats this season. The 21-year-old Pepperdine alum has struck out 112 batters, third most in the California League (A-advanced), while walking just 36. After posting an ERA of just 3.76 over his past 10 starts, his season ERA of 4.59 is trending downward.

One stat has threatened to shroud these bright spots, however: his 2-and-14 record. Sure, Moscot‘s Bakersfield Blaze are the league’s worst team, but even so, the former 4th-round pick has five more losses than any other pitcher.

So imagine how good it must have felt Saturday night when the 6-foot-4-inch righthander shut down the Lake Elsinore Storm 10-0 for his second win of the season after 8 straight losses, giving up just 3 hits over 8 innings and striking out six while walking none.

“It’s been a little frustrating. I won’t lie,” he told after the game. “It was probably the best I felt in a long time. Everything seemed to be working for me — they couldn’t get a bead on anything.”

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