JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — It’s the bling everybody’s talking about: Jewish Baseball News’ new bumper sticker. How can you get yours?

Soon, you’ll be able to buy one. But in the meantime, you can get one for free — or, more accurately, without submitting cash.

Because to win our Bumper Sticker Contest, you will have to work. Your job? Bugging all your Facebook friends to become ‘fans’ of JBN’s Facebook page. (Yes, we are willing to resort to crass methods such as this in order to boost our numbers.)

Contestants have from June 15 (today) until June 30 to recruit as many ‘fans’ as they can. The five best recruiters as of June 30 will win our crappy bumper sticker, guaranteed to make fellow drivers scratch their heads.

How will you prove your success? On July 1, you’ll e-mail a list of the Facebook ‘fans’ you recruited to, and we’ll doublecheck ’em. A list of the winning contestants will be announced at Jewish Baseball News and on our Facebook page. We also will notify your grandmother.

So start harassing your Facebook friends now, and help spread the, er, gospel of Jewish Baseball News.

— Scott Barancik

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