JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Scot Drucker has an blog, a spirited Twitter feed, and a lot of personality.

But there’s one thing the 28-year-old Toledo Mud Hens (AAA) pitcher doesn’t have anymore: a job.

Drucker reported Monday (3/28/2011) that the Detroit Tigers, the Mud Hens’ parent team, had let him go. With spring training nearly over, the chances of him finding a new team anytime soon seem slim.

Writes Drucker:

Packing your bags in front of everyone is not a pleasant sight. Everyone feels awkward coming up to you apologizing or wishing you the best. You are speechless and don’t know what to really say back. I have played with many great players and friends within the Tigers organization and want to thank them for all the fun times.

In 2010, the Miami native had his worst season since his minor-league debut in 2005, going 4-5 with a 5.61 ERA and an opposing-team batting average of .310.

We hope Scot gets picked up soon. Please tweet him your best wishes.

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