JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — It may be for just a couple days, but it looks like the Chicago Cubs will be calling up LF Sam Fuld (8/19/2010). reports that Fuld will fill the roster space left by 1B Derrek Lee, who was traded Wednesday (8/18/2010) to the Atlanta Braves. The Cubs reportedly had hoped to call up 1B Micah Hoffpauir but he temporarily was ineligible due to a recent stint at Wrigley. Another web site called the Hoffpauir snafu “an unfortunate error.”

If Fuld gets any playing time with the Cubs, he will be the 14th Jewish player to play major-league ball this season. A speedy baserunner with a reputation for hustle and spectacular catches, the 28-year-old Stanford alum is batting .266 with the “AAA” Iowa Cubs, along with 8 triples (tied for 3rd best in the league), 18 stolen bases, a .367 on-base percentage, and a team-best walk-to-strikeout ratio (51/31).

Fuld has had two prior MLB stints, both with the Cubs. In 2009 he his .299 and and had a .409 on-base percentage in 97 at-bats. In 2007 he went hitless in six at-bats but walked three times.

Jewish Baseball News thanks reader (and Sam Fuld fan) Jessica Rosner for the tip.