Garrett Wittels (Miami Herald)

JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Bahamian prosecutors dropped a rape charge against Garrett Wittels on Monday (6/20/2011), ending a six-month legal odyssey that cast doubt on the Florida International University infielder’s character and may have cost him a chance at being selected in the recent MLB draft.

According to the Miami Herald, Bahamian authorities “decided the evidence didn’t support prosecution” of Wittels and two friends on charges they sexually assaulted two 17-year-old American girls in December.

“I’m very relieved for Garrett and the entire Wittels family,” FIU athletic director Pete Garcia told the Herald. “There’s still a lesson to be learned for anybody in the spotlight. You’ve got to be extra careful and use good judgement.”

Wittels drew national attention last year with a 56-game hitting streak that fell just two games short of the NCAA Division I record. Under the shadow of the charge against him, his productivity fell sharply in 2011 versus 2010. Wittels can still sign an MLB contract as a free agent but is otherwise expected to begin his senior year at FIU this Fall..

Thanks to Jewish Baseball News reader Andrew H. for the tip on this story.

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