What says “Happy Chanukah!” or “Congratulations on completing your court-ordered community service!” better than an oversized bumper sticker featuring the new Jewish Baseball News logo?

What’s that? “Nothing,” you say? You couldn’t be more right. Whether the target of your generosity is a Little League bench-warmer or a middle-manager quietly dying on the inside, our bumper stickers contain an estimated 14.3 metric tons o’ love per unit, the maximum allowed under interstate cargo law.

These 7″ diameter vinyl stickers can be placed anywhere: the bumper or rear windshield of a Prius, the cover of a Biology 101 notebook, a Ming vase, even your sister-in-law’s derriere. (Sister-in-law not included.)

And you’ll be making a statement. Here’s what a Jewish Baseball News bumper sticker tells the world about you:

  • I am a Jew
  • I love baseball
  • I don’t give a #*&@ what people think about me

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Bumper sticker (black & white)

Bumper sticker (color)

$2.50 (free shipping!)

$2.50 (free shipping!)

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Why, if these weren’t Jewish-themed stickers, they would make great Christmas stocking-stuffers. But there still are plenty of perfect occasions for our decals. You can give them to:

  • The groomsmen from your wedding party
  • Your synagogue’s board of directors
  • Guests at your child’s bar/bat mitzvah
  • Mel Gibson

To order these sure-fire collector’s items, just click the “Add to Cart” buttons above and purchase as many as your children’s inheritance will allow. Shipping is free, though sales tax will be applied as required in certain Socialist locales.

Happy sticking!


Your friends at Jewish Baseball News