JEWISH BASEBALL NEWS — Jews are having another great year at the plate.

Through this morning (5/9/2010), Major League Baseball’s six Jewish position players were batting a combined .320 versus .259 for the entire league. The Jewish slugging percentage stood at .532, versus .414 for everyone.

Let’s be clear, though. Much of the credit goes to two standout players, Milwaukee Brewers LF Ryan Braun and Boston Red Sox 1B Kevin Youkilis.

Braun is among the top-ranked NL hitters in multiple categories:

  • 1st in runs (30)
  • 2nd (tie) in RBIs (28)
  • 3rd in on-base percentage (.447)
  • 4th in batting average (.364)
  • 7th in OPS — on-base percentage plus slugging percentage (1.058)
  • 13th in slugging percentage (.612)
  • 13th (tie) in doubles (10)

Youkilis is highly-ranked in several AL categories:

  • 3rd (tie) in runs (24)
  • 5th in on-base percentage (.422)
  • 9th in OPS (.972)
  • 13th in slugging (.550)

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