At this point, when insufflating Armo I had a hard time getting 1/8 all the way in and had to clean up the lines everytime I did it. My experience has included severe HPPD and psychotic symptoms for the past two years since a hit and run incident with yage. Headache was more prominent, appetite 100% gone (wife was upset when she found out I hadn't eaten in nearly 36 hours - she forced some soylent and a steak down my throat), when I breathed through my nose all I smelled was the 'afinil , my nose also began runny nearly nonstop. Snorting yields exactly the same results as oral ingestion but it's not a particularly tasty substance. CNS stimulants can produce feelings of euphoria, and people may snort provigil caffeine interaction Provigil for the "high" it provides. I was doing a little bit of meth (a quarter gram over 2 weeks) during break and didn't notice much improvement from the modafinil at first. For the overstressed student this could be the ultimate drug, though -- endless wakefulness and concentration with little side effects. I was diagnosed as disthemic and coupled with major depression my life has been a mix of mental anguish and various prescriptions for the past couple years. The taste now overruled everything, 110% no appetite with the Armo insufflation provigil headaches treatment (not as bad with the moda) hadn't eaten since wife made that steak from day 2 and didn't notice until that evening when I began heaving from a clump of Armo that shot to the back of my throat from sinuses and puked a bit - inly thing was water and bile.... I feel as if, because of the extremely targeted nature of the substance, there's only so much it can do at once. I’ve never snorted anything before, but I found how much provigil to get high that it’s was the most addicting that I have ever done, and as major chocoholic I saw that no percentage of cocoa beans could compare the rush. All 3 methods combined (also added back my noopept and alphagpc stack on day 3 for each) made for an inadvertently spectacular experience. I don't think it's possible to get over a certain level of wakefulness, but if I keep taking it provigil insufflation over a period of time (every 12 hours would suit the pharmacokinetics), I'll stay wakeful (up to a point, 24 hours being mine). I was completely in love with the feeling of happiness and concentration that I got from Provigil but it was provigil and antacids taking an hour to work. The manufacturer, to their credit, has a program set up to help you coax your insurance to pay for it. I've heard from some of my friends who snort coke provigil on empty stomach and various other substances that snorting drugs is faster than swallowing but it won’t last as long. All 3 methods combined (also added back my noopept and alphagpc stack on day 3 for each) made for an inadvertently spectacular experience. On these days (moda and Armo insufflation both) I took my routine dose then about 5 mins after sublingual dissolved entirely I would insufflate. Generalized sense of smell was fading and would only return after a complete saline flush of my sinuses. Most were by men, but the ones that I did find on women who are about my height and size were similar to my own. My doctor told me to only take 100 mg due to my gender and lighter that average body weight for my height. To sum up, this substance was a life saver for me to get through an extremely hard period, but not a cure for anything or an interesting recreational drug. I looked in the mirror later and I saw that my eyes which are big and almond shaped were widened and had a round almost popping appearance, and my face and arms were kind of red from where I had picking and pinching my arms. Same initial kick with rapid fade but once the oral dose hit I could tell there was more than 1/2 pill working. At the end of the day my nose felt tender, not so much in a painful way but more of a 'something isn't right' way. Rather than getting bored of writing or doing other work after 40 minutes or so, I found myself working for hours on end, absorbed in creativity.