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By Scott Barancik, Editor

Did your parents throw out the box of baseball cards you left in the attic or basement — including the ones of your favorite Jewish ballplayers?

Have no fear. With help from two nonprofit groups, author Bob Wechsler has just published the The Jewish Baseball Card Book, a hardcover history of original cards issued for each of the 169 Jews who played major-league ball from 1871 to 2016.

Click image to order book

Click image to order book

“What began as a tribute to the history of Jews in baseball through their cards evolved into a history of baseball cards itself,” said Martin Abramowitz, whose not-for-profit Jewish Majors Leaguers helped produce The Jewish Baseball Card Book, with assistance from Jewish Baseball Museum.

The coffee-table book also includes images of Jewish umpires, team owners, general managers and broadcasters. Wechsler, a retired sports editor, calls the tome “a collector’s Bible.” Old Testament, of course.

Copies can be purchased for $49.95 apiece by clicking here.

(Note: Scott Barancik, the editor of Jewish Baseball News, sits on the board of the not-for-profit Jewish Major Leaguers but receives no compensation from sales of The Jewish Baseball Card Book.)

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